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Dr. Lee Hancock is a Performance Psychology Coach and program creator that works with athletes, coaches, educators, students, parents, organizations, and other high level performers. Lee earned his Masters and PhD from ASU and is a tenured professor in Kinesiology at CSUDH. He has had a private practice for over 20 years where he has worked with everyone from Olympic to professional to youth athletes and from classroom teachers and students to parents of awesome kids.  Lee is also an internationally recognized speaker and author.  Most importantly he is a Dad of 3 high energy, competitive, caring boys.  Each time Lee engages with a person, or a group, the goal is always the same; to help them be more prepared to perform their best - when it counts!   



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Lee has been instrumental in laying the foundation of our team culture and in preparing us to perform on the world’s biggest stage. By taking the time to know and understand us as athletes and as people, he is the person we go to for advice and support, and we have noticed a huge difference in our team’s performance since starting to work with him. I trust Lee implicitly, and there is no one else I would want  to guide me on my way to      Olympic Gold.


"Lee and his staff's ability to create and run an effective behavior changing program is impressive. I've seen Lee implement programs for beginning soccer players, young high-level athletes, pros, and professional coaches. His approach is engaging, fun, and makes a significant difference."

Greg Vanney 
Head Coach

LA Galaxy 

Sarah Pavan

World Champion

Team Canada

My Blog - Performance Psych In Action 

It is my hope that this blog provides helpful ideas for people to use for themselves or others in performance psychology.

In the same way that Gusteau in the movie Ratatouille felt that anyone can cook, I also believe that anyone can help in the psychology of performance through the sharing of their ideas and stories. If you have a story you'd like to collaborate on, please reach out to me!