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Talent Zones 

“Talent Zones” are places teachers and coaches create for kids that give them an opportunity to maximize their talent.  These TZ’s are places that provide opportunities to learn to build confidence, make the most of failures, manage pressure, establish resilience, become problem solvers and so much more.  They are places with an open mind to what talent is and how it can be developed.


The idea of the “Zone” is borrowed from performance psychology and refers to a place that athletes (or any performer really) mentally goes to ensure their best performance.  It is a place that often has, at its core, a focus on a growth mindset, self-belief, calmness, grit, intensity and overall a place that ensures they can reach their potential – their talent.  Great coaches and teachers also help athletes and students get into these zones by creating environments that support each of the above concepts and more.


My name is Dr. Lee Hancock and for over 25 years I have helped coaches and teachers create these “Talent Zones” to help maximize students and athletes’ talents.  In my book “Talent Zones” I talk about what these are and how they work.  I also provide touchable tangible tools teachers, coaches and parents can use to identify, and help kids maximize, their talent.

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