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Individual Sessions 

I work with individual performers at any age, in person or over FaceTime.

The process

  1. Click the button below for a free consultation 

  2. Once we determine if I am a good fit we will set the parameters for our time together

    • Sessions last anywhere from 2 or 3 discussions to 8 weeks

    • I have a select group of professional athletes that I work with for their entire season, but we determine that after our initial time together

Every individual is different.  Sometimes just a quick chat about what is going on and what might need some tweaking is in order.  But other times the process may take a bit longer.


If you find that a quick chat doesn't do the job, I have found that 8 weeks is a good time frame to move through my initial 4 part system for self understanding and improvement.  

If you are an agent please let me some details about the athlete and what you feel the athlete may need and I can work with them to work through the specifics.  

Our time together is confidential.  You will see some folks on this site or my social media that provide quotes, comments, etc...These are clients that have indicated their desire to tell people how awesome our time together has been (or something like that)!











Dan Kennedy 

Former Pro GK

Current Real Estate Mogul 

"Lee is someone you can trust and lean on for advice and help in several aspects of life.  He has advised me in my professional career, and he has been a great resource for my personal life.  Lee has become not only a great friend, but someone I reach out to anytime I am in need of advice or someone to talk through what is going on in my life."


Teams and organizationS

I work with a select group of teams and organizations each year to implement performance psychology discussions or complete curricula.


The process

  1. Click the button below for a free consultation 

  2. Once we determine your organizations needs we can create a custom workshop, set of discussions, or complete sport psychology preparation program for your team or organization​

I create and conduct custom student, player, coach, and/or parent workshops, discussions, or complete curricula.  From working to mentally prepare an Olympic team up to and through the Olympics to creating and implementing comprehensive mental and life skills development programs for US Soccer, The AVP Academy, Chivas USA Academy and multiple club programs (across different sports) throughout the country - the goal remains the same; provide unique, quality, informative programming to help people be prepared to perform.

Click the button below and I would be happy to chat you up and/or send you some of the things I have done around the world.









Teddy Chronopolous


Pateadores Academy ​

"We realized there was a gap in our curriculum, and reached out to Lee to help bring his insight and experience to our staff, players, and parents, in order to continue to be at the forefront of development and attract the highest caliber of coaches, players, and families, to ensure we develop kids as soccer players and as people!"

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