Hi, I'm Lee.  Helping people be prepared to perform is what I do, and have been doing, for

over 20 years. 

I am a Performance Psychology Coach for anybody that wants to improve how they approach, think

about and ultimately perform in their chosen field.  I develop and implement unique discussions,

workshops, programs and systems that teach people how to thrive in pressure filled situations and perform

at their optimal level – consistently.  I am not going to write that I have all of the answers (as I don't) but what

I do have are some pretty amazing experiences as a coach, teacher, and dad.  I believe that it is these unique experiences, and what I have learned as a result of these experiences, that makes me effective with my clients.


I have worked on 4 year long Olympic qualification cycles, and at the Olympics, with athletes and coaches to help them stay focused, confident, ready, and most importantly joyous throughout the process.  I was on staff and in Germany when our team won a World Championship in 2019.  I have worked alongside professional athletes and coaches in their teams to make sure they were ready for their sport and their lives.  I have worked with youth athletes, coaches and parents to make sure the players have a great sport experience - at the highest level of youth sport in the country as well as at the grassroots level.  I have been a coach and teacher in everything from high level youth finals to under 5 AYSO practices and from college classrooms to at-risk kindergarten programs - each one with the goal of creating an environment rich in opportunities for success.  I have also served as an expert witness for cases involving youth sport participants. I continue to do all of these things (apart from the kindergarten and AYSO things, but those were awesome) because I absolutely love what I do!


The bottom line is that I thoroughly enjoy helping people figure out what they are good at/what needs improving, teaching them the skills that they need in order to improve, then helping them along their unique journey as they reach for success.


If you are an individual that wants to improve, or if you are a team or organization that wants to create and implement a complete program, or if you would like to bring me in to speak at your event, school or organization...let's chat.   


Check out the "Services" or "Speaking Engagements" sections at the top for more information.  Or, if you would like to chat me up; text me, email me or fill out the contact form. 

Whatever you do...enjoy the journey.



310-947-4162 (text)


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Email: Lchancock@gmail.com

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